a simpler way to
draft and review documents
Let CounselHQ be your competitive advantage.
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Avoid duplicative work. Compare against alternative language as you type.
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Instantly find and use the best content from across your organization's documents.
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Maintain consistent company messaging & mitigate potential liabilities in contracts.
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Sales & Marketing.
Rely on content from your previous transactions to more efficiently draft sales proposals and respond to RFPs. Tag files that lead to successful outcomes to help guide your use of content going forward. Ensure consistent messaging in your marketing materials.
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Take control of your procurement process without resorting to static and out-of-date playbooks. Efficiently review incoming sales agreements with our contract review tools. Quickly find approved or alternative language to help reduce turnaround times. Determine whether you've previously agreed to specific language in seconds.
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Research & Writing.
Stop sifting through your files one-by-one trying to remember exactly where you read something - CounselHQ makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Tag important content for later use. Dive deep into a specific topic by viewing related content from multiple sources on a single screen.
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